The Beauty of the Japanese quality.

High quality material

Do you know that titanium has various qualities? Titanium Gr,5 ASTM B348 in the world,It is never the same quality. We use the highest material of α - β alloy and Material quality inspection once every 3 to 4 months to improve safety.

Designed with 3D CAD

A new design is always sketched in Thunder Bolt's design studio.That is not easy, but we are continuing to advance for car enthusiasts around the world. By using newest 3D CAD system, we will see more specific futures.

Forging process

We are making screws by forge. It presses a round bar heated to 1400 ° F to 1650 ° F to create a shape. It will be very strong and more durable than cutting . However, the shape is the same with the cutting recipe. The choice is yours.

Ti Forged Club Sports Series

Our product breaks out of boring everyday. It is a stimulation of your daily life and a very fun way to play.

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